Jobayer Ahmed

I'm Jobayer Ahmed

A passionate and innovative marketing expert. Serving the industry for a long years. I like to think outside the box and different from usual thinking.


Bangladesh is the most beautiful country in the south Asia. And I am from this small country.

My passion for marketing has grown because of its creative terminology. I believe that marketing is not just only running ads or burning budgets. Rather, it’s a loyal connection between a seller and a customer. As far as the world is advancing, the marketing sector also going to be much more competitive. As a result, it’s required to be much more creative in this sector to draw attention from the crowd. The marketing campaign needs to carry a unique and memorable message. So, that customers can recall my brand when they need similar types of services.


As a marketing expert, My task is not only limited to just optimizing and running a budget-friendly campaign but also to making the customer understand their pain points.


As a passionate marketer, I will help you to raise your brand in the digital landscape. Marketing is not just limited to PPC, running social media campaigns, or doing SEO. Today’s smart marketing technique is much more than that like creating a buyer persona, making budget-optimized campaigns, analyzing the previous report, and making new optimized plans based on previous mistakes.


Taking innovative steps in the marketing arena can stand out your brand from the crowd. Innovation and creativity in the marketing sector attract me and inspire me to work.


Happy Marketing Cheers. Keep your signature in the digital landscape.

Jobayer Ahmed

Jobayer Ahmed

Marketing Expert ( 5 Years )


Phone: +880 16435-56930